$100 per day with Adfly Method

I would like to share an EASY EASY way to make quick cash with a d f .l y links were NOT allowed here!!! for newbies. I do use some of the bots on this forum like scrapebox, xrumer, senuke. nohandsseo etc... to help make the fire goes wild. One of my niche is using free movies websites like letmewatchthis.com or hulu.com to make money. 

1. First scraping keywords of a movie and tv shows. Newer the better. 
2. Add the adfly link to the free movies website to the niche movie or tv shows URL
3. Use scrapebox and nohandsseo to auto comment.
4. Xrumer to auto create forum posts
5. Senuke for just bookmarking. 

6. Add post on social network (the social netowrk to add  adf.ly link here)


Tools and Tips: One of my favorite website is letmewatchthis.me or TV-links.cc (there the same) to get free links to watch movies and tv shows. This is the only website that can watch videos on mobile, so you can even attack the mobile community. These sites are also good because it has no ads and does not require you to sign up.

Secret Sauce: Use adfly after linkbuck boost up 100% earnings!

Get all those tools setup Result = Generating EASILY $100 per day.

Thank you!

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