League of Legends: Mordekaiser Can Give Teammates His Ultimate Thanks to This Bug

Mordekaiser is one League of Legends champion that’s no stranger to bugs, but a new interaction that’s recently been discovered allows the mace-swinging champ to actually give a teammate his ultimate for the rest of the game.

This bug involves some specific steps where everything must fall exactly into place in order to work, but once you know how to reproduce the bug, it’s not too hard to see it yourself. There are some restrictions once you receive the ultimate as well, but the fact that you can lend another champion your ultimate as Mordekaiser will likely be one of the champion’s more memorable bugs.

The Ultimate Bug

The bug involving Mordekaiser’s ultimate first gained attention when it was posted to Reddit and a user claimed that he had the ultimate as Draven after a peculiar interaction.

As seen in the video above that the poster uploaded, he’s definitely playing as Draven, and that’d most certainly Mordekaiser’s ultimate that he’s using. It plays the animation of Draven throwing his spinning axes, but the projectile never actually comes out. Instead, you can see a ghost from Mordekaiser’s ultimate briefly appear over Jinx’s body before it too is taken down, a sure sign that Children of the Grave is being used.
The poster also included images within the post that showed the ultimate appearing in the spot where Draven’s ult would usually be.

Replicating the Bug


When it comes to replicating bugs and other interesting interactions, there’s few that do it better than Vandiril, a League player well known for cataloguing the game’s strangest exchanges.
After being called in to see what was going on with the bug, Vandiril figured out what was happening and explained it in the video above. In order to make the bug work, it requires Mordekaiser, a teammate, and an enemy that has some sort of revive, be it a passive ability or the Guardian Angel item.

After using a rank 3 Children of the Grave ult on the enemy, the ally must trigger the enemy’s revive passive. Once they’re revived, kill them again, and the ally should now have Mordekaiser’s ult.
It doesn’t always work, but when it does, you’ll be stuck with Mordekaiser’s ult for the rest of the game. You won’t be able to use his ghost or tame a dragon, but the ultimate swap also has some special interactions with other champions such as Nidalee and Udyr as detailed in the video.


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