Korgar - Job Portal PHP Script



The web application of the HR portal and vacancies is designed to create a large vacancy resource for candidates and employers. In general, the aim of the project is to enable you to find a job for hire. This allows jobseekers to publish their resume, find a job, view their personal job listings, and also provide an opportunity for various companies to post their vacancies and find the necessary candidates.


1) Quick search 
2)Company Profile 
3)Job Seeker 
4)Job Provider 
5)Protection against XSS Attacks 
6)Protection against SQL Injection


1) HTTP Server (e.g. Apache) 
2)PHP 5.6.X or greater 
3)MySQL 5.X or greater 
4)Apache Mod_Rewrite 
5)EnabledGD Image library


1) Download files from the “UPLOADS” folder to your server (hosting);
2) Create databases and user in MYSQL;3) Import the “DataBase.sql” file into your MYSQL database;
4) Edit the database data in the file ..\app\config\parameters.yml (database_name: your name database; database_user: your user database; database_password: your password database;
5) Installation is completely finished, to install the foreign language, write to us in the Reviews section or e-mail.

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