League of Legends Crime Fighting Duo is on the Case

A couple months ago, Riot games released a short graphic novel  called "Academy Adventures" releasing two seasons. They've recently released a new storyline where you follow Piltover's enforcer Vi, along with the newest addition to the force, Zyra. Your least expected crime fighting duo take on multiple cases and protect those in danger. 

Captain Caitlyn notices that Vi hasn't been doing that great of a job catching a culprit by the name "MG." She decides to assign her a partner, in which they chose Zyra as her parter, pretty interesting choice to say the least. You can see your favorite champions make a cameo such as officer Lucian, which I didn't even know I wanted up until now.

Riot games teamed up with an artist by the name of Risu and will be producing more updates every Tuesday on the official website. Check out their newest update where Graves visits the ARAM here.

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