Your Shop Has Returned in League of Legends

Stop whatever you're doing and log into your League of Legends account to find out which skins will be discounted for you!

That's right, Your Shop has returned to the client! You will receive special, limited discounts on skins for champions you've been playing recently. For example, if you've been spamming Ezreal jungle because you saw some video about it on Reddit, chances are one of those skins will be Ezreal. Yay!

Hopefully, you have some of your RP saved up to unlock some of your favorite skins through your shop, if you're lucky enough. 

Ultimate, legendary, and loot exclusive skins will NOT be available in your shop. In addition, skins that have been released in the past three months will not appear in your shop either. 

Guess you can't grab your discounted Star Guardian Ezreal skin. 

On the bright side, legacy skins that are not available in the store currently could appear, such as Conquerer Karma which came out during MSI 2017. 

Get your wallets ready, it's about to take a hit.

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