How to make $50 per Day with BuxVertise

BuxVertise is a very promising PTC site, started its journey from 2014 as Paid to Click (PTC) site which is owned by Drew and Jesse. Since its journey BuxVertise is paying on time.
BuxVertise allows you to earn money by-
  • Viewing advertisements
  • Wheel of bux to win up to $5 daily
  • Rent referral
  • Completing offers
  • Completing surveys
  • Playing grid games (win up to $3 daily)
  • Other fun stuff.
  • Always Daily Advertisements
  • Instant Affordable Upgrades
  • Daily Payouts
  • Earn extra money Every Day
Register your Buxvertise account and log in into your account.
You can start by Clicking Ads from the menu →View Advertisements.
Click on an advertisement and wait until the loading bar completes. Confirm the captcha by matching the image and your balance is credited. As soon as your account balance reaches the minimum threshold, you can make a request for payout.
You can click ads every 24 hours. The ads will reset at midnight (00:00h server time).
In order to earn from your referrals clicking each day you must click 6 ads each day.
Free members earn 100% of their clicking and their downlines clicking where Buxer members earn 150% and Eternity members earn 200%.
                                    The true power is in upgrading!
There are 3 upgrades facilities in BuxVertise
  • Member
  • Buxer
  • Eternity
Member can earn from their referral per click as-
  • $0.0005   for standard members
  • $ 001    for Buxer membership
  • $ 002    for Eternity Membership.
Rented referral price in BuxVertise starts from $0.15 to $0.25. Auto-pay pricing is $0.0045 for 1000 referrals & $0.006 for 1000+ referrals.
Referrals click for around 45 days. After that they stop clicking. At this stage you recycle them or rent new ones.
Rent up to 1000 referrals, keep autopay on for 15 days and then let the referrals expire and rent new ones, then autopay on for 15 days and repeat.
Referral cost and break-even-point (BEP) for 1000 referrals:
Autopay off:                    $0.18 / month and BEP = 3.59
Autopay on:                   $0.135 / month and BEP = 2.84
It is good to make more money in the 15 days of Autopay on.
Your rented referrals click average should be above 3 otherwise you will be in loss. If the referrals do not click and its click average goes below 3 then recycle that referral. When recycling, it will be replaced with new referral and its cost will be $ .06.
Based on the BEP click average of RR, you should recycle or extend RRs.
  • Generally recycle 1-2% of your referrals daily when their daily click is lower than average click
  • Extend  those RRs whose click average is higher than BEP click average
  • Never recycle too much
  • Understand and calculate your Break Even Point regularly
  • Wait at least 10 days before recycling
Important Note:
Rented referrals will stop clicking after 45 days. In this case you need to recycle them. Auto recycle will only work if your rented referral doesn’t click at all. If RR make at least one click and after that he never clicks, in BuxVertise it will not be auto recycled. So you need to recycle it manually.
Renewal discounts:
  • 30 Days: 2% discount
  • 90 Days: 3% discount
  • 180 Days: 5% discount
  • 365 Days: 6% discount
  • Keep patience while working in any PTC site. You can’t be rich in a night. Best way to go with the flow and you will be succeeded in BuxVertise.
  • Try to get Direct referrals because they are the best way to earn
  • To get direct referrals advertise your link on different social media or any other PTC sites. Try to spread your banners everywhere.
  • Upgrade your membership once you have enough earning. This way you can double your income.
  • Current minimum payout threshold is 7$ for all members. Members also receive 2$ for referring members who upgrade.
  • You can make deposits/withdraws using Paypal, Payza, Neteller and SolidTrustPay.
Register and log in into your account free today.

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