League of Legends' Next Champion Will be an Innovative Burst Mage

The next new champion that’ll be released for League of Legends is planned to be a creative burst mage, something that hasn’t been seen in a while with the champion updates and new releases.

A cryptic preview of the next champion was teased during the Champion Roadmap for October, an occasional update on the direction that’s planned for future champions and older champions’ updates. The last time one of these roadmaps was posted, it included details about Ornn’s eventual release, but now that the Mountainsmith is out crafting on the Rift, the next champion looks to be quite different from his playstyle.
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An Interesting Burst Mage

Burst mages are the bane of squishy champions in League with their ability to delete a carry almost instantly from a distance, but compared to the other mages in the category, this one looks like it'll be quite different.

“It’s been a long time since we had a new mage (and even longer since we released a new burst mage),” the update from Riot Reav3 read. “With this in mind, we’ve redirected some time to creating a new burst mage with the tools to approach a fight from… interesting angles.”
The “interesting angles” part definitely leads to suspicions about what kind of abilities they have in mind for this burst mage, a champion that will find itself among other champions in the subclass that include Ahri, Brand, Orianna, and Veigar.
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More Bubbles and Ability Hints

Aside from the innovative playstyle that’s been teased, it also looks as though the new champion will come with a starkly different personality than recent champions.
“We also wanted to take this chance to do something a bit more playful and bubbly as opposed to the dark and serious champions we’ve done recently,” Reav3 continued. “The new mage will have unique abilities that haven’t been seen before in League, so hold onto your summoner spells and don’t fall asleep, because change is coming… cataclysmic change. Also, sparkles!”

The brief description speaks towards a more light-hearted playstyle, but it seems to hint at some of the champion’s powers. Summoner Spells are mentioned, so the champion might be able to have some kind of interaction with enemies’ spells. A silence would be the easiest option to default to, but the teaser looks too interesting to just be that. The “fall asleep” part also indicates that a new sleeping debuff might be coming, an ability that would make this champion the first to have such a move.
More details will likely come for the new champion as we draw nearer to its full reveal, but no release dates have been provided at the moment.
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What Do You Think About the New Champion?

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