Players That Flame in Champion Select Will Now be Banned Instantly

League of Legends is one of the games to have the saltiest players in the whole gaming community, and Riot is seriously thinking of ways to fix these problems and keep players from flaming their teammates.
Being angry results in saying things we are not supposed to say, and thus many players get banned from the game because of this. It has even happened to famous or pro players, such as Jensen, Tyler1, and more. They all have been known to flame others in their games and thus being permanently banned from League of Legends.
Seeing these behaviors, Riot decided to implement a system where people get banned instantly if they flame or use inappropriate language when in champion select. Some will face warnings, some will face chat-bans, and some others will even be permanently banned from playing the game, and all of this comes because of the massive saltiness that characterizes League of Legends.
This new feature is set up for testing in the Oceanic region, and if found to be successful and effective towards the community, it will be then enabled for all regions.
This is what Riot Zaps said in a League of Legends boards post:
“We’ve been working on a system that involves looking through champ select and post-game chats looking for instances of verbal abuse or unsportsmanlike behavior.”
What do you guys think about this new system? Do you like the way it works? Tell us your opinions in the comments section!

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